g17 crmo9 10

1-6940 and 1-4640 SERIES

EN G17CrMo9-10 SA 217 C12A SA 351 CF8M EN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 SA 351 CF3M EN GX5CrNiMo19-11-2 SA 216 WCC 22 HRC max SA 351 CF8M 22 HRC max SA 105 or SA 350 LF2 EN P265GH SA 182 F22 cl.3 EN 10CrMo9 -10 SA 182 F91 SA 479316 EN X5CrNiMo17 12 2 316L EN X2CrNiMo17 SA 105 or SA 350 LF2 22 HRC max SA 47931610CrMo9-10,1.7380,A335 P22,A182 F22 steelLow-alloy steel 10CrMo9-10,1.7380 - description and specification.Chrome-manganese,perlitic creep resistant structural steel for high temperature applications up to 580 produced in the form of sheets,forgings,forged bars,hot-rolled tubes,and fittings for the power industry.It is used,inter alia,for parts of steam boilers,turbine 12345Next

ASTM A356 Grade 10 (J22090) Cast Steel :

EN 1.7379 (G17CrMo9-10) Cast Steel EN 1.7380 (10CrMo9-10) Chromium-Molybdenum Steel EN 1.7383 (11CrMo9-10) Chromium-Molybdenum Steel EN 1.7378 (7CrMoVTiB10-10) Chromium-Molybdenum Steel ASTM A182 Grade F24 (K30736) SteelAskaynakIt is a low alloyed TIG rod,used for the welding high temperature strength Cr-Mo (2.25% Cr,1.0% Mo) steels (boiler and pressure vessels) in operating temperatures up to 600°C.It gives a weld metal that is resistant to corrosion and sulphide materials.Industry Oil industry,thermal plants,chemical and petro-chemical industry.BÖHLER FOX CM 2 Kb - Alruqeetensile strength,similar alloyed case hardening steels,nitriding steels 1.7380 10CrMo9-10,1.7276 10CrMo11,1.7281 16CrMo9-3,1.7383 11CrMo9-10,1.7379

BS EN 10293 Information - Roy Mech

R p0,2 = 0,2 % proof strength ( MPa ) R m = Tensile strength ( MPa ) HV = Hardness value (Vickers) t = Product thickness for specified properties ( mm) +N = normalised.+NT = normalised and tempered.+QT = quenched and tempered.BS EN 10293:2005.Steel castings for general engineering uses.BS EN 10293 Steel Casting Chemical Composition and BS EN 10293 is showing the chemical composition and mechanical properties for steel castings for general engineering uses,the material grades include GE200,GS200,GE240,GS240,GS300 etc.CASTINGS Cantabria Pronasa Marine GroupGray nodular irons,High-alloy steels,Carbn Steels,Low-aloy intermediate

DIN 1.7379 - Equivalent Materials

Equivalent Materials to DIN 1.7379.Download equivalents as an Excel file.Some equivalent materials may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original material in selected parameters.DIN G17CrMo9-10.DIN GS-18CrMo9-10.EN GS-18CrMo9-10.EN G17CrMo9-10Datasheet for Steel Grades Structure Steel G17CrMo9-10This page is mainly introduced the G17CrMo9-10 Datasheet,including chemical information,mechanical properties,physical properties,mechanical properties,heat treatment,and Micro structure,etc.It also contains the use of G17CrMo9-10,such as it is commonly used in bars,sheet,plates,steel coils,steel pipes,forged and other materials application.EN - MATERIALS SPECIFICATIONSG17CrMo9-10 1.7379 + QT 930 to 970 680 to 740 400 590 to 740 18 40 355 345 330 315 305 280 240 GX15CrMo5 1.7365 + QT 930 to 990 680 to 730 420 630 to 760 16 27 -- 390 380 -- 370 -- 305 250 100° 200° 300° 350° 400° 450° 500° 550° Rp 0,2 Mp a* min t °C Test at room temperature Test at elevated temperature Tensile test Tensile test

EN 1.7379 (G17CrMo9-10) Cast Steel :

G17CrMo9-10 is the EN chemical designation.It has a moderately low thermal conductivity and a moderately high base cost among cast alloy steels.The graph bars on the material properties cards below compare EN 1.7379 steel to cast alloy steels (top),allEN 10213 Grade G17CrMo9-10 quenched and temperedDescription Material G17CrMo9-10 is equivalent to trademark GS-18 CrMo 9 10 acc.to DIN17245-87.It is used at room temperature and increased temperatures.The DIN-make is applicated for thick-walled castings at high temperatures and pressures,such as turbines,pressure vessels and steam boilers.EN G17CrMo9-10 - Equivalent MaterialsEquivalent Materials to EN G17CrMo9-10.Download equivalents as an Excel file.Some equivalent materials may be stricter whereas others may be outside the bounds of the original material in selected parameters.DIN 1.7379.DIN G17CrMo9-10.DIN GS-18CrMo9-10.EN GS-18CrMo9-10

EN/DIN Standard Valve Material Supply Reference List

EN/DIN Standard Valve Material Supply Reference List.Mar 12,2019.Note The following tables show part of the material simplification we can supply.More and detail specifications may contact us.EN 10213-2.EN 10213-3.EN 10213-4.Ferritic and martensitic.Austenitic and austenitic-ferritic.G17CrMo9-10 / 1.7379 - SteelNumber - ChemicalDensity 7.85 g/cm ³.Standard EN 10213 2007 Steel castings for pressure purposes.EN 10293 2005 Steel castings for general engineering uses.Equivalent grades No information.Chemical composition % of steel G17CrMo9-10 (1.7379) EN 10213-2007.For casting of ruling thickness < 28 mm,S =< 0.03 % (by mass) is permitted.G17CrMo9-10 Steel - Special SteelG17CrMo9-10 Steel Chemical composition % of the ladle analysis of grade G17CrMo9-10 (1.7379) For casting of ruling thickness < 28 mm,S =< 0.03 % (by mass) is permitted Technological properties of grade G17CrMo9-10 (1.7379).

G17CrMo9-10 Valve,G17CrMo9-10 flanges,G17CrMo9-10

G17CrMo9-10 angle bars,G17CrMo9-10 flanges,Pipe Fitting,Steel Pipe,Heat Exchanger and Reducer,Gasket,Tee,Pipe Fitting,Tube Plate,have all specifications.With many yeas production experience,strict control G17CrMo9-10 chemical composition and G17CrMo9-10 mechanical properties.G17CrMo9-10 round bar,G17CrMo9-10 forging,G17CrMo9G17CrMo9-10 We can produce G17CrMo9-10 stainless steel round rods,G17CrMo9-10 forging,sheet,coil,and profiledstrip,Deformed steel,flat steel,mould,steel wire,have all specifications.G17CrMoV5-10 / 1.7706 - SteelNumber - ChemicalChemical composition of steel G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706),Standards of steel G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706) Mechanical Properties of steel G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706) Equivalent grades of steel G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706) steel G17CrMoV5-10 (1.7706) Tensile Strength,Elongation,Proof strength ,Hardness

Großkomponenten aus Stahlguss für thermische

Bild 10 Holzmodell für das Außengehäuse-Oberteil mit einem der Abdampfstutzen 3.1.3 Schmelz- und Gießprozess Der Abguss des größeren Teils mit 95,3 t aus dem Werkstoff G17CrMo9-10,erfolgte mit der neuen Prozesslinie mit einem gesamten Flüssigstahlgewicht von 192 Tonnen.Die im LD-Konverter behandelte Pfanne mit 148 Tonnen FlüssigstahlImages of G17crmo9 10 imagesG17CrMo9-10 steelG17CrMo9-10 can be supplied as steel plate/ sheet,round steel bar,steel tube/pipe,steel stripe,steel billet,steel ingot,steel wire rods.electroslag,forged ring/ block,etc.Join Supplier [email protected]MARTENSITIC STAINLESS AND ALLOY FOR PRESSUREWC9 A217 WC9 J21890 1.7379/G17CrMo9-10 A182 F22 C5 A217 C5 J42045 1.7365/GX15CrMo5 A182 F5a C12 A217 C12 J82090 1.7386/X12CrMo9-1 A182 F9 C12A A217 C12A J84090 1.4903/X10CrMoVNb9-1 A182 F91 ACI Designation ASTM casting Spec.N° Grade UNS DIN/EN AFNOR Approx.EQUIV.ASTM Forgings Spec.N° Grade Wrought Approx.Equivalent / Brand Name

Material List - FERESPE

EN10213:2007 G17CrMo9-10 / EN 10293 G17CrMo9-10 A32-055 15CD9.10-M---549 1.7357 EN10213-2 / EN10293 G17CrMo5-5--A217 WC6-550---A217WC4-551 A148 GR135-125 552 1.6759 (SEW 520) G18NiMoCr 3-6--ASTM A958-14 Grade SC8620 Class 115/95-552,5 1.6759 (SEW 520) G18NiMoCr 3-6 EN 10340 G18NiMoCr 3-6-ASTM A958-14 Grade SC8620 Class 115/95-553Materials AkmetalStainless Steels and Heat Resistant Steels ASTM A487 CA15/GX12Cr12 1.4011 DIN EN 10213 GX4CrNiMo 16-5-1 1.4405 DIN EN 10213 GX2CrNiMo 19-11-2 1.4409 DIN EN 10213Medium / Low Alloyed Cast Irons - FERESPEEN10213 G17CrMo9-10 EN 10293 G17CrMo9-10 A32-055 15CD9.10-M 14 22 24 A217WC9 3100 B3 1.7379 SEW 520:1996 G17CrMo9-10 I,II A217 WC9 low P,S 1.7365 EN 10213 GX15CrMo5 QT A217 C5 (J42045) A217WC4 1,6759 EN 10340 G18NiMoCr 3-6 QT1,QT2 SEW 520 G18NiMoCr 3-6 I,II

Pauly Stahlhandel

The material DIN/EN-G17CrMo9-10 and its material properties can be viewed here on this page.On this page you will find informations about material called G17CrMo9-10 (DIN/EN),as long as we have them..G17CrMo9-10 Steel Material (DIN/EN)Product Standard and Spesification steelindonesiaSociety JIS Jenis Logam (Metal type) Product Total 1898 grade.No.Standard Grade Revision Type of Metal Other NameSTEELS UNI EN DIN ASTM - FAED SLsteels uni en din astm feg450 gs200 - a216 - wca feg520 gs240/g20mn5 - a216 - wcb feg60 - - a148-80/50-g20mo5 1.5419 a217 - wc1 - g17crmo5-5 1.7357 a217 - wc6 - g17crmo9-10 1.7380 a217 - wc9

T 8000-2 EN - Samson AG

T 8000-2 EN N TENEET eismüllerstr 3 03 rankfur many P 00-0 ax 00-0 oup. .oup.om Edition October 2019 DN 10 to 600 PN 10 to 400 200 to +700 °C NPS ¼ to 24 Class 125 to 2500 328 to +1292 °F DN 15A to 250A JIS 10K/20K 200 to +500 °C Electric and Pneumatic Control ValvesUnion I CrMo 910 - Alruqee1.7380 - 10CrMo9-10 - ASTM A335 Gr.P22 1.7379 - G17CrMo9-10 - ASTM A217 Gr.WC9 .Typical analysis of the TIG rods (wt.-%) C Si Mn Cr Mo wt-% 0.07 0.60 1.0 2.55 1.0 .Mechanical properties of all-weld metal .Heat- treatment Shielding gas Yield strength R.p0.2 .Tensile strength R.mUnion I CrMo 910 TIG rod1.7380 10 CrMo 910,ASTM A355 Gr- P22; 1.7379 G17CrMo9-10,A217 Gr.WC9 Typical composition of welding rod (Wt-%) C Si Mn Cr Mo 0.047 0.6 1.0 2.55 1.0 Mechanical properties of all-weld metal Yield strength 0.2% Tensile strength Elongation (L 0 =5d 0) Impact values in J CVN Shielding gas MPa MPa % +20°C I1 470 590 20 80 Operating data

Welding technologies for ultra-supercritical power plant

Jan 01,2017·G17CrMo9-10 or G17CrMoV5-10 (2¼Cr 1Mo-type) for inner casing,valves,and ancillary articles used up to 550 and 560°C,respectively ASTM A217M-C12A or G-X12CrMoVNbN 9-1 (9Cr1MoVNb) for valves,flanges,nozzles,inlet piping used up to 600°C G-X12CrMoWVNbN 10-1-1 (9Cr1MoWVNbN) for valves,bonnets,piping used up to 625°C astm a217 ca15 equivalent - Casting-chinaASTM Forgings Spec.N° Grade Wrought Approx.Equivalent / Brand Name WC1 A217 WC1 J12524 1.5419/G20Mo5 A182 F1 WC6 A217 WC6 J12072 1.7357/G17CrMo5-5 A182 F11 WC9 A217 WC9 J21890 1.7379/G17CrMo9-10 A182 F22

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