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Jun 04,2013·ADVANTAGES .the most important advantage to the use of biological control is that it typically offers longer term management than the more traditional technology areas.longer term control is achieved because biocontrol agents act as if a host specific control method is continualy present and impacting the target plant.Disadvantages of corrosion include loss,contamination,and deterioration of the appearance of a material.You also get safety,health and environmental risks when corrosion occurs,especially in a manufacturing plant setting.advantages and disadvantages of corrosion? Yahoo AnswersWas this helpful?disadvantages of corrosion? Yahoo AnswersMar 12,2013·8 years ago.It reduces the strength of the structure,making it likely to collapse.It reduces the beauty or attractiveness of the device.It increases the maintenance cost.It is dangerous.Rusty


Sep 25,2011·Disadvantages Of Ecommerce:-1.Security.Security continues to be a problem for online businesses.Customers have to feel confident about the integrity of the payment process before they commit to the purchase.2.System And Data Integrity.Data protection and the integrity of the system that handles the data are serious concerns.What are disadvantages of xbox 360? Yahoo AnswersFeb 18,2008·The ring is not just a lifespan of the 360- it was a hardware failure on some models of the 360.What happened was for a time,Microsoft was getting their internal chips from two manufacturers,and one of them produced the chips that resulted in theWhat are the Advantages and Disadvantages - YahooSep 08,2009·In binary options you will have the possibility to predict the movement of various assets such as stocks,currency pairs,commodities and indices.Learn how you can make money trading binary options https://tr.im/yw0lN.An option has only two outcomes (hence the name binary options).

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Oct 10,2007·First It doesn't produce as much power as gas,second and probably the biggest problem is that we're using corn to make it,in part because of the political clout of Iowa,and also theWhat are the disadvantages of using Steel - Yahoo AnswersApr 27,2008·4 Answers.Relevance.woodtick314.Lv 7.1 decade ago.Favourite answer. The only disadvantages of steel are higher density and more corrosion.1 0.zephir.Lv 4.1 decade ago.1.its heavier.2.it reacts to magnetism.3.more sensitive to corrosion (rust)advantages and disadvantages of - Yahoo AnswersJun 23,2011·2 Answers.The advantages of the RH Bill include the couple's choice in the number of children they may like; the selection of the family planning method they will use; and more importantly the reproductive health education they may derive from the proposed law.The disadvantages of the proposed law include the presumed encroachment on the law

advantages and disadvantages of corrosion? Yahoo AnswersJun 05,2011what are the economic disadvantage of corrosion? Yahoo Oct 15,2010What are the advantages of corrosion? Yahoo AnswersMay 20,2010What are the advantages and disadvantages Jan 11,2010See more resultsDisadvantages of stainless steel? Yahoo Answers

Sep 25,2010·Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4th,2021 (Eastern Time) and beginning April 20th,2021 (Eastern Time) the Yahoo Answers website will be in read-only mode.There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services,or your Yahoo account.advantages and disadvantages of reading Yahoo AnswersAug 10,2008·The disadvantages are that you learn new things,for ignorance is indeed bliss,your brain and eyes get tired and and you can't drive or do much of anything else that requires movement while reading.All in all,reading is better then not reading,and it is a good thing.corrosioncorrosionThe advantage of a confession is that it relieves you of a burden that will only get heavier.That saying,The truth will set you free that'sBest answer 0They say that confession is good for the soul.If you have done something wrong to another person,and feel guilty, confessing what you have don0you're telling the truth which is always a plus but then you have to bear the consequence! But do you want the guilt if you don't confess?03 advantages and disadvantages of technology? Yahoo AnswersSep 11,2011What are disadvantages of cousin marriages? Yahoo AnswersJun 22,2007See more resultsAdvantages and disadvantages (chemistry)? Yahoo AnswersSep 30,2019·Its a little bit more effective than salt when it comes to temperature (15 vs 20 degrees).It smells.Sand.Its not corrosive.Its abundant.Downside is that it clogs up se

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Sep 30,2011·Disadvantages of these are that it does not have recycle value mean you are selling it again and you will not get a single pie for it.While Gold iscorrosioncorrosiondisadvantages and advantages of competition? YahooSep 01,2008·Think about living there.and you can imagine this Advantages - Really nice tropical weather year round - Lots of jobs / entrepreneur opportunities in the Tourist Industry (e.g.Hotels,Timeshares,Bicycle taxi,Restaurants).mild steel disadvantages - Yahoo Search Resultsadvantages disadvantages of materials? mild steel - good workability,great weldability,strong,magnetic,conductive,not too expensive but it and fumes.Steel alloy - light,strong,more corrosion resistant than steel ,more expensive than steel depending on grade.

what are advantages and disadvantages of coke? Yahoo AnswersAug 31,2011what are the disadvantages of using electricity? Yahoo Jun 07,2010Disadvantages of aluminum boats? Yahoo AnswersFeb 11,2010What are the disadvantages of upvc? Yahoo AnswersApr 23,2007See more resultswhat are the advantages and disadvantages - Yahoo Answers

Apr 28,2008·The disadvantages of a confession are There will be consequences,and although unpleasant,still probably better in the long run.Also,before confessing,you have to consider the impact on others.Will your confession actually help another person,or will it simply burden them with hurtwhat are some advantages and disadvantages of kung fu Nov 05,2012·If done properly,the only disadvantages of holding a horse stance would be muscle soreness and opportunity cost (what you could be doing instead of doing a horse stance).A correct horse stance should not cause arthritis or knee pain.There are many advantages to holding a horse stance in Chinese martial arts (kung fu).what are the advantages disadvantages of - YahooMar 18,2008·ivana.5 years ago.Advantages You can drive and it is good for identification Disadvantages None really except for the problem of owning a car.Cars are expensive to maintain,and you have to find a place to park.Do you want to always take a train or bus? I guess if you live in a big city,you could do that and not worry about parking.

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Dec 04,2007·Here are advantages and disadvantages of everything in this world so let me explain some points to the packaging Advantages 1 keep the material safe .2 make the thing that is packaged edible .3 make the packed thing perfect as dressing matters a lot.4 keep it fresh and taste worthy.Disadvantages 1 make the environment dirtywhat are the advantages and disadvantages - Yahoo AnswersDec 10,2009·disadvantages - the only real disadvantage of steel is it is expensive to buy.Steel.Advantages - Steel structures can be lighter than steel structures,resulting in lighter vehicles,which can increase performance and/or operating economy.Steel alloys are more corrosion resistant in typical vehicular applications.what are the advantages and disadvantages - Yahoo AnswersMay 05,2010·Disadvantages; It is not recommended for use above 70° Celsius although it can be taken to 80° for short periods.Sensitive to UV and oxidative degradation.Limited thermal capability.Thermal

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May 22,2008·4 Answers.Advantages - Less boring with visuals,able to emphasize references that you can touch on in the speech but stay constant on the visual,depending on the person presenting it can be a good tool to adjust tempo which is good for long speeches.Disadvantages - sometimes the visuals might be distracting the audience from what you are what are the disadvantages and - Yahoo Answers UKJun 15,2008·For the best answers,search on this site https://shorturl.im/axvMa.Disadvantages * Far more expensive that steel.* Limited to certain geometric features using economical processes.*

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